How come Snap! seems to be relatively slower than Scratch?

So i've made a Flappy Bird project in Snap! a bit ago, but now i'm thinking; how come it seems to be slower then Scratch? It gets hit with microstutters while a similar game coded in Scratch wouldn't? What's the reason for this?

Scratch uses html5 (and I think webgl for rendering the stage), whereas snap uses an engine that is made using just javascript, and is generally less optimized.

both snap and scratch use html5 and javascript. the difference is that scratch uses webgl, while snap uses canvas2d.
snap is also just poorly optimized in general
i've been able to find quite a few performance issues that are easy to fix, and many other performance issues are tangled throughout the code. jens seems too busy to accept most improvements, especially anything complex.
snap also tries to run at 60fps, while scratch runs at 30. this makes snap seem slower because if the project is slow enough to go under that framerate, the game noticably slows down. this means a scratch project can run twice as slow without making any visible difference

Have any plans been made to add maybe WebGL support to Snap! or optimize it better? On top of that, is there a way to limit the FPS to 30 for a slower but more stable performance?

Why would you want to limit the fps to 30? That wouldn't make the performance more stable, but instead make it worse. If anything, it should be limited to 60 (it's currently 67... I think.)

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