How can I draw calligraphy in Snap!?

I take it what you're really asking for is separate values for pen width and pen height. Probably you can do that in JS, but in Snap! I think you're going to have to draw in tiny steps and do some math to work out the pen size and the direction of motion for each little slice of a letter.

why would you need js?

To make the pen width and height different.

i can make that without js

Well, show us!

Done! Import this
untitled script pic

Okay, while I will admit this is hard (only because im not used to using pen), why did u think this was imposible without js?

I don't think this is the right results

weird, the block runs perfectly for me
edit: nevermind, theres a bug

I've figured out what the bug is. It does not draw through the path the sprite took. That is one thing that might be easier in js, because it would just be able to execute whenever the sprite moves.

easier, maybe, only possible? No.

Maybe I could try making something.

It might also be faster (not to make).

in js, sure, but im doing vanilla snap

also @ego-lay_atman-bay
kinda rude ngl

I don't know js.

...this has already happened to me once before when I first joined snap..but not again


...i hate you rn