Highlighting dangerous menu options

As a full undo is not going to be available in an immediate future, I found that a new feature in Scratch 3.0 could do a lot of good so that you are not going to make too many mistakes deleting sprites/costumes/sounds. They simply made the background of "dangerous" options in the Scratch menu orange instead of blue. This wakes up the snapper that is going to remove some important element of their project.

Could you post a pic of what your talking about please?

I'm very sure he means this:

Yes. Exactly.

why not have something like this:

Dangerious options


It would work, but I don't like adding a further click :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Great idea.

Yes, and undrop it is really fantastic. Unfortunately it doesn't allow you to recover sprites, costumes and sounds that you deleted by mistake.

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