Hierarchical state machine / Active Object demo

I'm not ready to release this project but it has a bug that I cannot track down. Once I have more than four of the active object sprites, the excess ones don't get proper messages, and things fall apart. The messaging is a key component of this and depends on broadcasts of this form:

The first list item is the message, and second list item is a list of sprites. I've run this demo in V 6.0 alpha using the send to block and get the same results.
Anyway, the hsm dispatch core seems to be working as well as most of the core notions. Any help fixing the bug is appreciated.

AO Worker has a script that is missing a (message) reporter:
AODemo script pic

If you add (message) it will run correctly and the box will say "rest of apps all active".

Thanks! You have no idea how much time I've spent on this, including deleting and re-duplicating the prototype ActiveObject.