Hide and Unhide a block of codes (Like folding feature in some editors)

If you mean to rename the block, just click on the text of the block while in the custom block editor.

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I am totally at a loss of understanding your suggestion here... what do you mean exactly?

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No, I don't mean to rename the block. I was looking at length of list block, it's label is _ of _, but when I type length, rank, flatten, or any of the available option along side of length, when I do the search, this block would show up. I am wondering where I control these search keywords, so that my own block would turn up... obviously it's not label now, I asked the initial question, thought these must be stored in the label, apparently not, I guess I am searching for the answer to this new question...


I think they were talking about in the forum. If you select text in a post, and press q, it will quote that text. I personally never knew about the keyboard shortcut, because there's a button that pops up to quote the selected text.
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Now I got it... incidentally, I only found out today, and I have been using this feature to reply, as @bh always does the quote, it's much clearer when you are answering the specific part of the discussion.

Sorry mr_owlssssnap2 for my confusion.

As of my research, you can only type the block name to bring up your block in search.

You can however use keyboard editing to place the inputs into the block, but this probably isn't what you're looking for.

Um its okay..?

I think the alternate names are available as a special case for LENGTH and a few other primitive blocks. The thing is, not every readonly dropdown menu is meant to be part of the block's name, e.g., the sprite input to TELL. (Say control-F stage, and you'll get the MY block but not TELL or any of the other blocks that take a sprite input.)

For primitives, we know what we mean and can handle some cases specially. But for custom blocks we can't read your mind. (Please don't suggest that we add a "part of the name" checkbox to menu inputs in the input dialog box, or else Jens will yell at me about "give them an inch and they take a mile." He won't yell at you; I'm the designated whipping boy for users. :~/ P.S. This is why English units will never completely die out; "give them a centimeter and they take a kilometer" just doesn't have the same ring.)

I don't think labels have anything to do with it. Labels are a new thing in 8.0 just for the sake of the DEFINE block.

I added one more point in the original post.

I wasn't going to, but now since you mentioned, could we have a mile? :sweat_smile: