Here's my best finished projects so far

here are some of my best projects yet! what do you think?
a calculator
tree being drawn
reminder app
like trees, but comepletly predictable
feel free to comment what you think, and make suggestions!

I had a look at the reminder app - very nice :slight_smile:

I looked at the two trees. I was surprised to see that not only the positions of the leaves, but also their shapes, were random or regular. (Or is each turtle stamp meant to be a single leaf? If so, the way they clump together is a little unlike real trees.) I liked the irregular shapes; that was my favorite part of the two projects.

I've got an idea for the reminder app. You should make it an AI so that it is more efficient and that it would be a Smart Reminder System. You should also make some UI for the app. Just saying :slight_smile:

Nice projects

1)Try to do not use the ASK fonction for the input-> add the numbers in your design (sprites 0-9)
2)The black rectangle could be a sprite who display the operation and the result like a real calculator

thanks for the inputs! i'll take what you said into consideration

there is one where the leaves are random, and one where you know where they're gonna be every time (and yes, each stamp is a leaf)

Yeah, I saw both projects, I just wasn't sure about the "each stamp is a leaf" part, especially because in the non-random version the whole cluster looks like, not a leaf really, but one flower.

I deleted the "SRS" part.