Help With Reading Data From the Cloud

I have only figured out how to read a user's username from the cloud using JavaScript. But I want to know how to read other types of data like if the user has verified email address, user's user id, project id, project name, user's published projects count etc. How do I read them from the cloud?

Just clarifying my question a bit, is there any way of reading datas in Snap! Cloud's GitHub repo which shows how data are handled-


Fetch API!

:angry: Unhelpful. I know that very well. I want to know how to directly get the information from the cloud without any help of the API, and how. Also, if someone knows how to get the information from the API, telling me that is also appreciated.

Ignoring the whole noise between your question and the last post, the only way to get data out of the cloud is via its API. If you manage to get data out of the cloud in any other way, it means I screwed up big time and there's a security hole you should pretty please tell us about before making it public.

Well, technically, you could scrape the website and get the data, but I'd count that as indirectly using the API :wink:

You can find the (almost) full API reference here:

I figured out how to read user's username via a code like this taking help from one of @jguille2's posts. I thought it read the data from the cloud because the code had IDE, "cloud.user.username" etc. parameters. The data at the place where userdata is stored (not directly mentioning to make sure no one decides to make any malicious use) is readable by the user only. I thought the code got the data from there. The file you have pointed me towards should help. Thank you very much. :blush: