Help with my say/ask script

I need help with this:

when I put ask, (the first input which is a drop down) it only says it but at the last cycle it is supposed to ask it.
when I put "say" it woks fine and says it does not ask.
I made the options "say" and "ask".
the script says/ asks it by adding each letter to the var, and says/asks it.

One thing I notice is that when you split text by letter , it produces a list not text. So you should use the list length block not the text length block.

Note - when asking for help on a script - much easier for us to help you if you can share the project to save us having to re-type it all :slight_smile:

thank you!
the project is

why do you have custom blocks script pic when you can easily do custom blocks script pic (1) it returns the same result (and makes more sense with the second one)

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