Help with interactions between sprites

So essentially what I'm trying to do is make a small game where a red jet (player) is trying to shoot an alien (separate sprite). I tried making it so that when (When <touching color?) happens the second sprite says "good job!", so i made it so the player jet would shoot yellow bullets but nothings happening. I'd really appreciate the help guys

Heres the project.

Edit: Also I did make sure the color was changed for the second sprite.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I thought, maybe this is related to the new Chrome bug we're fighting, but it doesn't work in Firefox either. I'll look again tomorrow unless one of our brilliant users figures it out before then.

This is about our algorithm to "detect touching" and the pixels representation.

If you change your pen size (a value greater than the current 1) it will run ok. You can test different issues... For example, f your shot was not horizontal, the "pen size = 1" would also be fine (because the "stairway of pixels" has to be wider).