Help with iframes

Is there a way to embed a project that starts by itself without the title bar with javascript extensions on? I need this for an important project I'm working on (its for an app of mine)

This cannot be done by default for security reasons. If people were able to enable JSF, it wouldn't do much good in the first place. You can host snap yourself, including as a static site, or you can try to get your library integrated into snap.

I don't think importing APKs is possible in Snap.

No. An apk is actually a zip archive, so it might be possible, but you would need to access the file without converting it to utf-8, something that snap can't do. You would still need to write an archive manager which can understand the compression zip uses.

You want to build a standalone application created with Electron, NW.js or Snapp! or just use "application mode" of browser?

Actually, this is just for iOS side of my application. And I thought Snapp! was broken since Snap! 7

Snapp! just hasn't been updated yet.

You would have to upload an older version of snap, like snap 6, that doesnt have that restrictions, to a separate website, and somehow use embeds to embed it