Help with - for me - inexplicable behaviour of clone <SOLVED>

Hi all,

Frank here - I am testing a project to see if i can design some self-learning car. I ran into problems with the behavior of my clones so I did some testing
I deliberately kept it very simple. The CAR runs around the track and does the steering - based on collisions - correct.
However - as soon as i create a clone, it steers of track completely and does not see any collisions.
The car was provided with some sensors and a collision_body. All three are anchored sprites.

What am i missing here?

TIA for looking and helping

Regards Frank

Sensor sprites are also cloned.
Collision detection should refer to sprites by the "relative" way, e.g.
automatic_driving_bare_test script pic
or sensors can be reattached to the cloned body.

Thx a lot Dardoro!

talking to my_parts did the trick.

Regards Frank

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