Help with fixing unwanted level skipping

So, when the game is supposed to get to the second level, the game automatically goes to the third level and skips the second level. (floor sprite glitch)

Good Vibes Only Game

player touches Sprite, which changes the level with the when <touching [player]> script.
player stays where it is (touching Sprite) until it goes to the edge.
Two things I thought of that you can do:

  1. add wait until <not <touching [player]>> at the end of the when <touching [player]> script, or
  2. delete Sprite (you won't need it for this) and put send [level 2] to [ground] in the when <touching [edge]> script.

do this:
Good Vibes Only script pic
instead of this:
Good Vibes Only script pic (1)
i did it and it worked for me

the problem with the second one, is that when the user falls down a pit, or touches the left side, it goes to the next level.

I would suggest putting Good Vibes Only script pic at the end of the when player script in the sprite called Sprite. I tested it out, and it works just fine.

also i see you used my platformer script :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, it helped a lot, thanks! :smiley:

Yeah, but then it wouldn't go to the next level... :thinking:

yes it does, try my solution

click the eye to see inside

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but also add
when <(y position)<(-180)> :: hat control
die code :: grey

Oh, I put it in the wrong sprite lol. I am moving it to the sprite.

(btw I am not experienced with making games)

Eh? I don't see the "die code" block anywhere.... :thinking:

thats just a place holder for your code

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