Help with fixing drawing app thingy

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What's problem you are encountering?
If I use forever, the stamp won't stop when you stop pressing it, but if I just use stamp, it won't draw.

What have you tried that didn't work?
forever block

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:

AHHH so slow......

The image block doesn't constantly run the script when the mouse is down. It runs it once, right when you click. I would suggest replacing it with image, as that checks for it constantly and works when you hold down the mouse.

Were you not using if statements? Something like


should work fine with a forever loop.


I have another problem---why doesn't this script in the color tray work?

There is a problem with sprite z-order.
To get the desired result "color tray" must below other sprites but above brush ("Sprite").
Drawing app script pic
Color sprites can be tied to the "Color tray" with "stick to ..."
There is no need for the initial delay when showing "color tray".
Drawing app script pic (1)

Aight, see I used image
but the thing is, I want it to stay in place, what i want is: when the user first presses space the color tray goes up to hide, the when the user presses space again, the tray goes back out of hiding, and it goes on from there. BUT, it doesn't do that, it just does the whole animation when I press space, which is not what I want.

As hidden "Color tray" is touching edges...
Drawing app script pic (2)
Can be used for "click event" also.
Or slightly different for "shift" alone.
Drawing app script pic (5)

Thanks for the help

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