HELP WANTED for Orthographic

Q: What is Orthographic?
A: Orthographic is a puzzle game I developed where you have to learn how to sense depth of an object in a 3D environment projected in a 2D world. The game is called "Orthographic" because it uses an Orthographic view camera, which senses a cross-section of an object, or as this game calls it, layers. However, one layer may obscure the other so you won't really have sense of depth.

I've got a plan on how I'm going to do this. I won't need help for that. I will quit development on Scratch in favor of Snap's Scene system. This will make things easier for me. But it doesn't really help that there is no backpack for Snap!. Please add a backpack ASAP jens.

Here's the link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Also I am planning on hosting a Map Creator contest so your map can be part of this game! We just need submissions. And some votes. And yes, we will vote on the map we should add into the game. However, that all will come later because this game needs to be made.

5/9/22 - Made this post for help
5/10/22 - I don't really need help much now, now that I think I could do this myself. However, I'd need help on making maps, and thus I will make the Map Creator contest once I finish some maps of my own.

By the way, the player's movement is supposed to be choppy.

That concept sounds oddly similar to a game I was making once. I can’t believe you would steal an idea from a project you never knew existed. Unoriginal. (You see the joke is that it is impossible to steal an idea from something you never knew existed. Haha funny)

No way you can’t code that. It can’t be that complicated. Can it?

Also for the fonts. Just make the graphics in like the scratch costume editor and use the export feature. Or use paint .net or inkscape or whatever.

I mean, I guess I could use the when hat block mixed in with an if statement that stops the script when the script is true. I could also use a when I receive [MESSAGE] block to run the script again and again.

Or, I could just use the Scenes function in Snap!, because that's what sets Scratch game development with Snap! game development - Scene switching and such. And art will be fairly easy to make because I have the .sb3 file so I could edit the buttons, and also I think I've got 90% of all the sprites in the game. Including the buttons and game art.

You could also just have a variable that doesn’t update/render the game when it’s false.

How do you know how to make games with Roblox Studio? I've tried to, and it doesn't work. I quit when my script wouldn't do the simple task of making an object shrink.

And yes, I followed tutorials. I'm not a noob. I even went to the documentation. I don't know if my code doesn't work, my software wasn't updated, or if the website for the docs were dated, but...

(Why did I quote text saying "game"? The description for the game says so. I didn't want to screenshot and waste space on my computer.)

I kinda already have one. It's a variable called Game which is 0 if the game hasn't started, and 1 if the game already started.

I learned Roblox Studio by doing Roblox Studio for quite a while. Also I’ve made several things in Roblox Studio and none of them involve programmatically shrinking an object. Except in the case of animation. So I don’t see why you would give up just because you don’t know how to set a Part’s Size to a factor of itself in the present.

Also I don’t know why you’re setting the player’s position to (-215, -27) in a loop whenever the player isn’t in the tutorial level. I feel like that shouldn’t happen. But I’m guessing this isn’t the latest version.

I don’t know how when blocks and stopping scripts would help set two variables to specific numbers based on what level the player is in when a level start broadcast is received. (Actually I think it should be 3 since it is in a 3d space. Maybe you would like to move it in the third axis.) Isn’t that basically what it is or is there something I’m not getting?

Oh yeah! I may be wrong about the Orthographic explanation. But I do remember Unity's Orthographic view matching my description. I can change the title of the game though.

If Scratch had Message blocks, when hat blocks, and the scene system, then I would probably have my final prototype ready for testing. I wouldn't have posted a "Help wanted" post.

You see, I was making a game where you battle against 3 other players while not trying to fall off an island.

You can either die by a weapon or falling off.

You can win by being the last one standing on the island.

If a basic gameplay element can't be coded in, then I can't expect to code anything else like weapons or mechanics.

DIdn't realize you could make animations.

I’m assuming that the platform shrinks over time. An animation wouldn’t be a good fit for that. Also you can only change Part sizes, not Model sizes.

Did you get starting positions to work yet? I seriously don’t see how scenes and when blocks would be required to do that. You could just have an associative list of level numbers to player positions.

I could theoretically quit development on Scratch in favor of Snap's Scene system. This way, it will be easy for me to do stuff here and there.

However, some art I do will require me to go back to the Scratch files and then change a few things. I forgot a "Next" button and a "Win" popup.

Okay. But what do you think about my suggestion. You’re not saying anything about it.

Personally I don’t think you should use the scene system for (I’m presuming) each level. Data like sprites and variables and stuff aren’t persistent between scenes. I’m assuming you’d, for example, like to keep the player sprite and level grid sprite the same between scenes. Just store level data in some sort of serialized format and load it when the level starts. The serialized data is created via a level editor. What do you think of this suggestion?

I mean, I already have that stuff implemented. But...


Orthographic is cancelled due to some technical limitations from Snap!. Some things are too hard to code or something, and I don't think even the most decent person on the Snap! Forums will be able to code what I want to anyways. I will develop this game in Unity, however. Why?

Unity has all the features and functions needed to code my game. Snap!, however, does not.

EDIT: I don't want to work on this anymore. Also I'm switching to Godot.


Everything kept breaking, and by the way I wasn't really sure about ANYTHING I was doing.

Oh yeah, before I posted the EDIT, I said "I'm going to continue working on ORTHOGRAPHIC!" before I didn't understand what the heck I was doing.