Help me make game

help with mey GAMES pls

What exactly are you having trouble with in making the games?

please be specific-

movement in scratch (before i was ip banned im here because of the ip ban) i cant make a bigger map for my rpg game the adventures of swamp tales 1 or add an item to the inventory can you suggest what type of coding i should use for an adventure/rpg game.

Please share and link the game so we can know exactly what is wrong with it.
Unrelated, but why were you IP banned from Scratch?

i don't acculay know

well i tried to make movement funticon with the main chacter cube, when i clicked him he goes backwards and dosen't appear again i only know how to make a stage not an area where you can move to new places.

this place is basically becoming where banned scratch users go...

i'm not really sure how to help you make a bigger map, but i can help you add an item to the inventory. you have a list of items in your inventory and when you want to pick up an item, add the item to your inventory. you're probably new to snap so you might not know how to make lists, so here is how:

  1. Make a variable
  2. Use the (list []) block. You can right-click and then press "help..." to get additional help
  3. Step 3

Then you can work with lists exactly the way you work with them in Scratch.

your description of a bug isn't very helpful, you should send a screenshot of the script that does it so we can help troubleshoot your script. you can take screenshots of scripts by right-clicking on the script and pressing "script pic..."

Oh. I see. You want to make a scrolling platformer. I know how to make one, if you want me to teach you.

please share and link the project and/or take a screenshot of the code, we can't tell what you mean just in a text description

@thewindblows you can use this if you want to make a side scrolling platformer, a friend made it:

OK this is the game

yes pls

yes kinda like that a mix of rpg and platformer. PS thanks.

this is link to game

i gonna share it because i can't get into a png and am i suppsoed to select a or paint new one to add codin

Here's a link to a scrolling platformer I made. It was actually the first project I made on Snap!
Scrolling Platformer V.9

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