Help me get featured!

Here's the link to my account. I have made tons of awesome projects, yet I haven't really been featured on the Snap! website. Help me with what I can do to get featured! It would be really nice to be on the website's featured collection...

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Remember, coding isnt about getting featured. Its about learning. But I understand you want your projects to be noticed. My personal favorite is the baldis basics one.

My personal favorites are Snap! Build Your Own Blocks And Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Well, for some people it is.

Yes, I know. That's why I said that. It's not important to get featured. It's more important to learn and increase your coding abilities. If you do this, you make good projects, and that increases your possibility to get featured.

Coding isn't a popularity contest, it's about learning, having fun, and meeting new friends who can help you!

Also the more you beg for popularity and views, the longer it would take for you to actually get views, and the lesser chance you'd actually get popular.

I very much agree!

aren't a thing in Snap!

Oh, OK. But you get my point - That coding is NOT a popularity contest.

What is that project "Baldis Basics" supposed to be? I walk around then I see a scary lookin' dude with a baseball bat trying to kill me.

it's based off of an indie horror game from 2017

thnx :slight_smile:

haha :laughing:

Also, my DOOM FPS project actually has a sky template from the original game, so it looks much more cooler now. :grinning: Btw, have you guys seen my DOOM level showcases?

Hey, everybody! I just finished making a new (but short) top-down RPG game inspired by the Fnaf 3 minigames!!! (There are several secrets & multiple endings! See if you can find them all :grinning: )

Fnaf Foxy RPG by oscar robinson - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Check it out!!! ---> My New Animation Series! - Share your Projects - Snap! Forums ( <---


what do you mean "what"

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