Help dialogs for new blocks

untitled script pic (4)
These blocks should have help dialogs.

Yes, and all the primitive scalar functions' help screens need to be updated for hyperblockness.

Anyone want to help with this?

I can help. What should I do?

Can some non-related help screens be updated, too, such as the ones pictured below?

Actually, first @jens should pull Dylan's help system. Then you can use it to make help screens. So, stay tuned. If you're a github expert you can clone one of the relevant branches, say, "more-help" to your computer and then in the help directory you'll find documentation and examples. But it'd be much easier to wait for Jens to merge it in.

(Or at least, Jens, pull enough of it to include the documentation and the masters, even if not the part about translation yet.)

don't hold your breath on that. I'll pull it when it's ready to be integrated, separating translatable strings from layout structure. But then it'll be wonderful!

Is there anyway to format the comment blocks outside of some full-on help system. At least turn off centered alignment??