Hangman In Snap!

I have figured out a way to make Hangman is Snap.

Even cooler, all the possible things the word could be are Snap! related, whether it's predicate or costume or whatever else!

Nice. Comparisons in Snap! are case-independent, by the way, so the user can put in lower case letters and it still works.

I would suggest putting spaces between the underlines/letters in the word-so-far so that the user can tell how many letters there are.

And for the "do you want to play again" question, compare letter 1 of (answer) to y or n so the user can type either yes or y.

Okay! I'll get to work on it ASAP! Thanks for the suggestion!


But I world liek either some major changes or a port to [Scratch](https://scratch.mit.edu).

This would be more helpful if you said what changes you want!

off topic, I think.

Nice, but it's impossible to tell how many letters are left; try inserting spaces between the underscores.

welcome to snap!


The downside is is that it would be impossibly complicated to add them and make the program still enter the letters in the right location.

By the way, the way the program is set up, you can go into the code, change the possible words, and it will work just fine! I made it so the word could be literally ANYTHING.

You should make it so you cant put in inputs that are either more than 1 character long or numbers.

I'll try to do that!


Well, I'm having some ideas to fix it. I'm gonna try to fix that.

There! Like you've all been asking for, I added spaces! (It was actually SO much less complicated then I thought.)

bruh XD

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