Gimme ah lubary idya

Pizza Tower library. There's several categories that could be made from this.

I don't know if I can give multiple ideas for categories, but one library that would be very useful is these blocks:

direction to coordinate (x,y) to (x2,y2)
distance of coordinate (x,y) to (x2,y2)

And you can't use extra clones. I believe you can search up the distance/direction formulas on google. It took me long to make them so it would keep you entertained.

atan2 (also the first 'to' should be a 'from')

Pythagorean Theorem

You could at least watch your tone.

sorry, i tend to be aggressive a lot

I understand.

Pizza Tower is NOT overrated, it's not stupid, and so what if it's repetitive!? IT'S A GOOD GAME THAT DESERVES TO EXIST!

ok lets not start a argument

I'm just sayin.