Getting image from Scratchblocks site [Bump i guess]

Title says it all; trying to make a sort of "psudo-scratch" thing using scratchblocks and stuff. I can't seem to get images from the site though... All I need is a way to grab the url the "download png" button uses.

i'm just getting when i copy the url

how do i get the url from this button: image

I don't think the button is supposed to trigger a URL...

i basically need the project to click this and give me the output link

I think you can drag and drop too.

I need the project to get the url from this button from any scratchblocks link automatically.

I don't think this is possible getting it directly from the site. The site only generates a link when you click on the button. You will have to create a seperate program to import the site's JavaScript modules (Specifically 2. Can't remember the names...), and render them somehow.

There is no server-side code. Scratchblocks are created in a USER browser, on the fly, when you load the page. So retrieving the image this way is hard or impossible, depending on that do you exactly try to achieve.
You can create:

  1. your own site based on this one as a template + the rest of your application
  2. JS Snap! project with custom blocks
  3. server, node.js application (hosted on replit, glitch ...), starting with the "scratchblocks-v3.5.1-min.js". It seems not to be intended for such a scenario, so some extra work will be required

"This" means Scratchblocks playground page mentioned earlier in this thread

o_o ok well that idea is out the window then

What exactly do you try to achieve?

There is a project based on ScratchBlocks (based on Tim Radvan & Co -

scratchblocks script pic

Ooh that's cool, is there a version with the 3.0 blocks though?

scratchblocks script pic (2)

...can you add that to the project?

Done. it's still not there.

Sorry, there was something strange with cloud logged-in status.