Getting color numbers don't work even when set

Even if you set the color number using untitled script pic (50), the block that reports the color number does not work:
untitled script pic (51)

This breaks some blocks relating to color numbers, like change pen [color number v] to [].

These blocks can be found in :file_icon: > Libraries > Colors and Crayons.

And one silly thing you couldn't know in the Colors and Crayons library...

You can place any number in the hexchar block, to manipulate Unicode characters, even emojis:
untitled script pic (52)

@bh I think this is due to this code

all seems ok if changed to

I checked V8.2.3 and it's present in there as well so been around for a while

Amended V9 block
untitled script pic (22)

Thanks! Will fix.

That must be a really old bug. At one time color numbers were just called "color" in the dropdown menus. :~/