Getters and Setters (Because jens will delete them)

I'm making this post in case jens deletes the library in a future update. I'll probably get banned for making this and sharing it, and the project will get unshared. Well, once I do, be sure to make a funeral service in advance.

Well, I'll probably leave Snap! before I see all that mayhem unfold, so...goodbye good people.

Oh yeah. You should probably bump this post once jens deletes the library

how is preserving blocks from a deleted library a bannable offense? well i suppose this is a relatively dangerous library. but when jens removes this library, he might delete the extension block “opcodes” as well, rendering this project useless.

jens has said it himself in a post (Which I won't even bother searching for)

He said that you could get banned for using JS Extensions for doing even the simplest stuff like getting someone's username using JS. At least I think anyways.

yes, accessing the snapcloud is a bannable offense. but i don’t think the getters and setters library does anything with the snapcloud.

yeah, it does absolutely nothing with the snap cloud, y'know, aside from

that actually just uses this function

ide = stage.parentThatIsA(IDE_Morph)

which, I'm pretty sure, is getting a value from a cashed variable, not directly from the cloud, so you shouldn't get banned for using that.

i know, but shouldn't we err on the side of caution, since it's literally called "cloud.username"?

I thought you meant me
(ya know, cuz of my ban history and stuff)

it says cloud.username but cloud is just a javascript object. I'm pretty sure it's data that is loaded from the cloud once, then nothing in it (except maybe functions) communicate with the snapcloud.


Goodbye soldier.

Ik how it works, but maybe it'll still detect that kind of stuff

just hearing the word cloud makes me uncomfortable with this convo, I don't want jens to yell at us all again.

I haven't read all the posts, but the way github works, information is never deleted. Unless someone decides to edit the repo history, the library will always be available through normal means, at least as long as JSF exists. If you wanted to reimplement the library using src_load (not whitelisted of course) you could. Likely, the library will still be in the repo, but with its entry removed from libraries.txt.
Also, I don't think this is breaking any rules that could get you banned. If you want to leave, fine. But it is probably your own choice.
Finally, if you get banned for this, don't you think the project would also get deleted? It isn't even copy & import.
EDIT: Even if someone does remove the blocks from the git history, you could still use some fork or snap mod, even if it is missing other features.

Yup, I even got IP banned for "accessing and hacking the SnapCloud" (even though i did nothing of the such) and I don't feel comfortable talking about something that might actually be related to the SnapCloud

Pretty passive aggressive.


To me, it sounds pretty rude. Don't ask why, it just sounds very passive aggressive.

Oh please.

If anything's going to get you banned it's this constant provocation and self-portraiture as a charismatic rebel. You're not Marlon Brando.

As to the secondary, substantive parts of your thread, you are confusing two things that Jens believes:

  1. Attempts to use the cloud back end in ways other than the intended ways are a security problem and are antisocial, bannable behavior.

  2. The idea that anything doable from the GUI should also be doable from a program is an overgeneralization and not a good general principle.

The second of these is an argument between Jens and me, not an argument between Jens and you.