Get csv from Google Drive

With this block, you can load data, music (csv conversion required), image (csv conversion required)



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I didn't notice this post until I replied on the original thread

how do you use this?

If you have a google drive account - you can upload a .csv to it

Then if you right-click on the the file - you can get a link to it.

If you alter the link so anyone can view it, then you copy the link into the reporter and the reporter will return a list representation of the the csv file.

This lets you get around the problem of the 10MB cloud storage limit.

You set your variable to be transient


Then add a bit of code


(edit - missed off the not 1st time!)

The variable test will not be a list when you first load the project, so it will only download the data the 1st time you click on green flag

How do you make a "Help" category for the custom block?

By attaching a comment to the hat block that it goes under, like this:
untitled script pic (27)

Now, clicking the help menu of my block would show this:
Screenshot 2022-02-10 10.29.53

However wide/tall the comment is, the help menu will be.

Thank you Simon, do you know if Google Drive provides links in other formats (https...)

I'm not sure what you are asking?

All the links so far are https://.....

probably different link type for docs, sheets

text editor:


Getting an id for the file is the same, but it turns out that getting a gdocs file is not the same as a spreadsheet, or other files.

I have a bit more of a play and just modified the approach to this

i.e just have the reporter get the contents of a file and then add split if required

It can now deal with text files as well as spreadsheets which lets us use JSON format to store and retrieve complex list structures


Amazing, thank you

And I then thought - what needs doing to do the same for Dropbox files and found it was relatively easier


Many exportation type for each type of document