Funny Error is still there

This just happened on my project:

It happened in a custom block again:( And I really wanted to see why it wasn’t working but the error said that. I do find it really funny though “Error: Reporter did not report.”

Send a script pic of the definition. Also, this shouldn't go in bug reports since it's probably a problem with your code

Read the error message, that’s the error. It is not supposed to says “Inside: Error Reporter did not report.” Also @bh it should be “Inside error: Reporter did not report” with the : after error.

Yes, we know what the error is, but not what made it happen.

Also, @bh doesn't program Snap!.

I deleted the whole project😶 This has happened to other people to.

your block was a reporter and not a command, so that error was most likely legitimate.
can you recreate the block though? do you remember what it did?

I do not care about what happened with the code. The point is is that the error message is supposed to tell you why it is showing an error message not sarcasm like Error: Reporter did not report or something like that. It does not matter how I made it happen as it seems it will do that with any reporter error that is inside the reporter block itself involving lists and vars. It is not about what is making it happen it is why it is not telling you. I wanted to know why it was not working but the error message did not tell me like it should have.

That's not what sarcasm is. It's just telling you, "this block ran through the script without encountering a report block".

...No, it happens when............ the reporter............... doesn't............................... report.


It’s like saying “Oh your project didn’t work because it didn’t” or “Oh you failed because it was a failure”

No, it's not like saying those. And that isn't what sarcasm is either. What would you rather it say, "the round block failed to return a result"?

I would prefer it to say in an example of it missing a list “Inside: Error Expecting text,number but getting nothing” or example list does not exist “Inside: Error List not found”

Are you trying to say it should just report nothing if no report block is found?
Well, you could make a reporter block that has a possibility to report an empty string, but can also report other things. If it just reported an empty string, you wouldn't think it didn't report.

This shouldn't happen because lists have to be tied to a variable instead of having their own reporters like in Scratch. And variables can be used for lists and other things.

means there is an error inside

I know.

It is a error with the community site.

Ahhhhhh you have no evidence it’s in the wrong category

It is in the right category?

No evidence.