Funcional programming coding style

Hello Guys,
I'm an Italian teacher based in Milan. I'm wondering if it is possible to change the development logic in a more functional way, like :

let's start at 0,0 position,

a add (a move forward of 10 steps) to the initial block, and I see a line of 10 steps, after an add a rotate block of 30 degrees, and a see a line of 10 steps rotated of 30 degrees, and so on...

Thank you for yours advices, see you

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

And thanks for teaching me about! It's like Bootstrap with syntax...

I think there's much too much accumulated history for us to change Snap! to work that way in the primitives. But we can encapsulate procedures, so I imagine you could build the system you want.

I'm using MOVE rather than GOTO X:Y: because I'm imagining there has previously been a rotation or something, so the axes might be shifted. This still isn't quite right because the picture could be scaled, so the inputs to the MOVE blocks might have to be multiplied by something.

Sounds like a really interesting programming project. I'll get around to it when my list of things I have to get done yesterday shrinks a little... unless one of our AT kids does it first.

unless one of our AT kids does it first.

Is that a challenge I see?

Yes, of course!