Forum bug

forum bug
@r4356th replied to @bh and it showed in my Inbox thing

I see me! Are you watching the topic?

Great Logic! FYI, everyone's preferences probably have been set to watching when they post or read the whole topic somehow. This happened to me, too. // cc @cycomachead

Is this what you're talking about?

The options are Tracking/Watching/Normal. What should it say?
Michael installed a new version last week and a bunch of little things like this were changed apparently.

i do not know just those message shouldn't be there I have never seen that topic before

I think the default for watching makes sense when you reply. You get noticed on threads you comment on. I don't think this changed recently.

Anyone can also set their own preferences in the Notification settings area on your user page. e.g. (put in your username, or click "Settings" from the dropdown menus)

Thanks guys for your help! I was watching the topic but I never went near a topic like that. Maybe just some little bugs now and then :beetle:.