Foil Embossed Card Using SVG Output

The most recent release of Snap! includes support for export of SVG graphics. We are eager to apply this capability to use with a wire-bending machine after the semester break.

In the meantime, we have used SVG files generated by Snap! to create foil embossed cards using a Silhouette die cutting machine. A third party extension for the Silhouette, Foil Quill, heats a stylus that is guided by the Silhouette to emboss foil patterns on materials such as card stock. A short YouTube video describes the process that we used:

We envision many more applications!

Foil-Embossed Card|615x241 for Snap! SVG graphics.

Yessss! This is super cool, pretty much exactly what I was hoping for! Also, generating exportable patterns to use with a wire bender is so exciting. Thank you for sharing the idea and the instructional video!

What model of Silhouette machine do you use? I consider taking the Cameo4 model. I want to create cards on my own design.

We primarily use the Silhouette Portrait in schools because it has a smaller footprint (i.e., takes up less space) and is more economical.

The Silhouette Cameo is popular with crafters who create scrapbooks because it can process a 12 x 12 inch sheet of cardstock. The Silhouette Portrait only handles a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of cardstock. However, we have not found that to be a significant constraint in most projects.