Flight mission doom

Here I made a game called flight mission DOOM

It's only in alpha v0.1 all basic moving...


this is just the tip of the iceberg full version will include:

  1. Hourly battleships
  2. Parachuting supplies
  3. AI planes
  4. Ground to air missiles


me want clout

but I want to get known as one of the top snap coders...
thats me I love to code and get known for it...

im banned on scratch... -_-

I want to get featured thats all
why you gotta be so cold about it all

But still
instead of encouraging people
you go cold on it...

I like to code AND get a featureed...

wat even is that?

that is like populatrity btw you on now yaya!

there's no popularity, here. The mods & developers think it will destroy snap. And it will, which is why it doesn't exist here.

I left you a message on the homework notes...

Just because you're happy being a nobody, doesn't mean everybody else is, so don't attack them for wanting something perfectly natural and fine.

It's basically what you said

You, @sathvikrias, @funtime_foxy101, come here this game has been updated to v0.1.1 here:

The updated version has better water scrolling...

are you making obstacles or.....?

future versions will include this