[FIXED] Why isnt my code checking each item correctly? (ADVANCED)


Hello. I am trying to create an esolang, similar to BrainF*K inside of Snap.
Everything seemed as if it was fine and handy, until I realised it can only read the first line of the Code list (you put your code in the code list before running)

As you can see from the image (hopefully), it changes a variable called "lineIndex" by 1 everytime a loop finishes, it changes the variable, but next time it makes the loop, it forgets the value of lineIndex in the "item lineIndex of Code" part of the loop.

Please tell me a fix ASAP if you know, as I am really trying to finish this soon.

you can put the topic in the #advanced-topics category instead of saying (ADVANCED) in the title.

Not exactly sure what's "advanced" about the question...

The bug isn't jumping out at me, so I'm guessing it's in the MEM TO UNICODE procedure.

(By the way, if I'm guessing right about the purpose of MEM TO UNICODE, it'd be more straightforward to write it as a reporter and then ADD (MEM TO UNICODE (MEMORY)) TO OUTPUT. Another way to simplify the code would be to use FOR instead of using CHANGE inside a REPEAT.)

Fixed with change codeindex by 1

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