Findfirst and items inside lists

I want to find first occurrence of item in a list of lists,
all is easy with finding item in a list of items.

But my LIST has these list-items : [(1 a)(2 b)(3 c)] and I want to find the first item of "b" in SECOND place in a list inside LIST.

Is there a wildcard-letter for searching ??

I tried [findfirst empty=[list(empty,b)] in mylist
Can I exchange empty with a kind of wildcard?

**Post a project example, link,

This looks for first list (empty,b), but I need list (anyvalue,b) .... ???
Please help, I looked in manual and forum, and no, did not find any topic?? Hope this makes sense, other wise look at my supereasy example below...:slight_smile: thanks in advance...

Thank you, Brian! :slight_smile:

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