FINALLY! Reverse Codification!

I don't want to shorten it because you can use this for a text based language.

It's actually faster to use the primitive codification, instead of searching through a huge table. Plus, if you manage to automate the mapping, it won't take long.

My goal was to make a compressed system for doing math, in which programs could be made in snap! or a typed version, and shared in a small amount of text which is still readable. So I decided to remove as much 'filler' as possible and maybe integrate custom blocks to speed up math.


You know you can type control-F and then type an algebraic expression into the search bar, right?

Wanna work on the new year's project?

untitled script pic (31)


New 7.0.4 feature.

Still it could be useful. Using inputs to quicken up the process, creating visual data, and a cool project

untitled script pic (32)

Let me update my project.

Note: you have to copy the block in the MAP OPERATORS ... block:
untitled script pic (33)
untitled script pic (34)

I wanted to export the blocks, but when I imported, Snap! crashed.

The project is too big to update. Ugh. Try to update your version of the MAP SNAP BLOCKS block to the latest version. And the other block I added.

What the heck‽

To fix it, put this:
untitled script pic (37)
in the MAP MOTION, LOOKS ... block. The delimiter is a space.

This is a big concession by Jens, who always rants about using names of variables as data. :~)

That looks like a codification bug…

It's because @joecooldoo didn't map things to the right text.