File/Open list shifts

This has annoyed me for a while: when you do File/Open..., and you scroll down the forever list to find the one you want to open, when you click it, the displayed list shifts under the mouse. So if you try to double-click the one you want to open, you end up opening the one above.

(And speaking of scrolling down the forever list, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but it sure would be nice if that File/Open... window could have a folder hierarchy)

It won't take forever to search through the list of projects if you know what the project is called. You can search projects using the search box above the list. The list is also sorted alphabetically, so it is easy to find the project by first finding the first letter, than look for the name.

For the double click thing, yeah, I don't like that either. I have gotten into the habit of just clicking on the option and then just click the open button. I still think it should be fixed too.

OK search box is a little help, but that's kind of like telling a typical windows user who has every file they own sitting in their Documents folder 'just remember the names', when the right answer is 'use folders'

Yes!!! Yes to both!! These will be fixed as soon as I get my colleagues' heads unwedged about it, but I've been trying for a decade now.