Fencing for sprites

i have made a project like moving around, and the sprite keeps going off the player, which makes anyone confused where the sprite is, can a fencing setting be added to snap? (it is a non optional feature on scratch)
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i made a block for fencing link is here if you cant open it, right click and click open in new tab

you can create it yourself.

also, if you don't know where a sprite is and it's off screen, you can right-click the sprite in the sprite selector (or sprite coral) and then click show

Sigh, yeah, that's been on my list forever, along with wrap mode, in which a sprite that goes offstage comes back on the other side, so the stage is topologically a torus. Jens never gets excited about doing that, though, partly because as @ego-lay_atman-bay says, you can implement it yourself, kind of.

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