[FeatureRequest]programicvally control format of list/table views

I saw this project

and thought it could be implemented in Snap! (target audience primary school age 10-11 users)

Read the manual on csv and got started


but everytime its run - it reformats the view back to

Is it possible add facility to control the view of the list reporter using blocks?

if not - can it be added? :slight_smile:


Hi Simon, I've also watched Maya's TidyBlock demo and loved it! I think we have everything in Snap! to completely do the same thing, but I also believe that Maya's mutation demo actually uncovers a problematic assumption about how to work to data sets. As someone who's worked in "big data" for some years I was trained to never, ever mutate data in place, but to always make a new view and leave the original unchanged. Maya seems to update the view with whatever she adds to the script last. I agree that - some - programmatic control over table views would go a long way. But I'm also afraid that it would open a can of worms about what people - wrongly - expect that to do. Let me think about it!

I would also leave orig table alone and make database sort/select blocks alter a view of the orig datasource.

+1 for a controllable view, as an attribute of the list (not of the watcher).

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