[FeatureRequest]Adopt Scratch auto update of x/y sprite co-ords

In Scratch 1.4, if you moved a sprite to a position - to get the values of that position you had to not have Motion category selected - move the sprite - switch to Motion and then drag out the goto x/y block.

In Scratch 2 and 3 - this was improved so that you didn't need to switch away from Motion - it live updates as you drag the sprite around

Snap! does do either and doesn't even have a live updated x/y mouse position.

Could we have some help with this please - preferably the Scratch 2/3 method?

If you check the checkboxes next to X POSITION and Y POSITION you get a stage watcher that's updated dynamically.

We don't currently have a mechanism to change the default input values in a block. I guess we could special case GO TO X:Y:, but it seems not high priority because there's a workaround using watchers.