Fast and reliable cloud variables?

I am bored!!

So,I tried to make stuff on the TOTM.
You can't collaborate stuff without internet,obviously.
So are there fast and reliable cloud variables?
The fastest one I have lags 200ms.
I need it less than 60ms.(a reasonable place,about 2 frames of a 30fps project)

It's fine that you want to make a project that involves real-time interaction among (human) players. But I want to emphasize that your "obviously" isn't true. Cooperation can mean non-real-time communication, e.g., in the forum; it can means cooperation among sprites within a project; it could even mean making a contribution to a large-scale distributed computing problem such as SETI.


@18001767679 you come and help making the cloud variables?

you are never going to get below 200ms. even competitive shooter games can't reach 60ms a lot of the time, and i doubt there's any way to shove fast networking into cloud variables, you just have too many things in the way. if you need speed, you need to pick servers carefully, possibly deal with communication between multiple servers, pick a good protocol, still handle latency and connection issues, etc.

why do you need less than 200ms, and why are you trying to use cloud variables?

or it gets laggy and jittery

multiplayer,but just found out the mqtt stuff

200ms ping shouldn't be jittery, i think you just have bad networking code. your code should assume that whatever information you get is going to arrive late, and not always by the same amount.
send timestamps, consider what actually needs to be sent and what doesn't, interpolate values that should change smoothly, design the game so that it's less obvious if you can, do client-side prediction, and make sure to handle when multiple players think something different happened if they need to interact (for example, who did something first and how to react when some players game thought they were first but weren't)
networking isn't easy, it requires a LOT of careful coding, and there aren't many quick fixes that you can ask the forum for. i'm also guessing that snap allows anyone to send whatever, so you'll also need to handle if people try to send things to try and break something

It's for the TOTM as an educational project - not intended to be a commercial online game :slight_smile:

They've discovered and used MQTT in one day - excellent progress :slight_smile:

Chill bro (as I believe the kids would say) :slight_smile:

i've seen them on the forums for a while, they seem to regularly get into a lot of details and make advanced projects, so i'm making the assumption that they'd want all the advice they can get, and that they really want that low latency, probably for some advanced project (if not now, then for a later project).
i absolutely wouldn't be talking the way i am if they were new to the forums.

But I'm doing new projects!


I have usually 35-45ms to the nearest Valorant server over GSM/WIFI and <20ms with ADSL cable.

the nearest valorant server varies between people. you're probably in a region near servers and many other players, with good internet.
i don't think i've seen under 30ms for any server in any game, and that's by searching through server lists manually. if i, for example, join a tf2 casual lobby, pings generally range from 60 at good times, and other times over 100.
no snap project is going to have multiple servers with a variety of players to match against.

im not sure how old you are, but its not potential adults saying that stuff that makes me laugh, its the

it depends on how dedicated you are

On fortnite I've seen <15

I've even seen <1ms!(although not on a game,but on some small networking stuff)
Because I hosted the server myself for testing

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