I am a fan of this project

haha lol

It's a bit laggy, but it looks good.

very nice! As I was playing with the script I noticed that it runs smoother if you turn turbo mode off and instead of turbo mode you use warp around the inner loop and take out the wait block. Why is it that people believe they need to use wait blocks inside loops anyway? That's sooo strange.

They think that because they're using turbo mode (or warp around the entire script) and therefore have to give the redisplay process a turn.

Thank you!

I like the Idea, but can you please make it facing counterclockwise so it doesn't look like the swastika (that one Nazi-symbol)?

Sure thing! In matter in fact, you can now change its size, direction, repeat, distance, and speed. By default, it faces counterclockwise to avoid that symbol. Make sure to press space to show the variables, and again to hide it.

Hmm, do we really need that here?

Thanks! :slight_smile: