Export zip js

how do we export zip using js?
and how we include folders there? (with files inside)

can anyone help?

still need help

I don't think this is possible in Snap! because Snap! has no way to organize folders and files.

we still can use js and download files using js, i saw @pumpkinhead made block for that

so i wonder how we can do the same for folders, zips

Not sure; you'll have to ask someone who knows a little more JS than me.

who can i ask who knows javascript?

Stackoverflow is a great website, and there is also most likely someone who asked the same question (not for snap though), so I'd advise you google it.

i did google, a lot, it didnt help
so i am asking here for help

This is the first result I got when searching it

And from what I can tell, you need a library in order to create zip files. You might be able to go with this answer

Because the import url (I think) doesn't have to be on snap itself.

how can i import external library?

look at bignum

i did look at that, how do i use

import JSZip from 'jszip';


still need help т-т

You need to put the url to the library after the from keyword.

cool but how do i do that in snap

Do you even know how the javascript block works?

it just runs function right?

i say because i tried placing import there and it gave error

Oh, I just tried it, and got this error

Cannot use import statement outside a module

I'm not sure if you can do it.