Exponential growth idle - WIP

This is the progress I have made on my incremental/idle game (idk which one it will turn into)
Project Link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Thanks to coder_07 for the block that says ω instead of W+ (snap didn't like me trying to copy paste)

Change log:
2023 Nov-11: I added the change log and also made the game balanced. (Just realized I should add this changelog to the project description but I'm to lazy)
2023 Nov-14: I added a news message ticker thingy meaning this is a real idle game! (will figure out lists to make it better)

It doesn't cost anything to upgrade I think.

It should

Edit: I'll try to see if there is a bug with it while I'm adding the prestige element

Then, It gives you money too fast.

I Have updated the game with better scaling and a new currency! Working on publishing it right now.

Edit: I just published the new update (ps: If you get to infinity you will have a surprise)

nice game!

spoilers, dubstepv1 this is a suggestion

instead of doing "W+"
(67) Exponential growth idle V1.0 (Big update!) script pic (1)
use the actual omega symbol (also add the multiplier of omega)
(67) Exponential growth idle V1.0 (Big update!) script pic

Yeah. I had issues copy and pasting the omega sign (It wouldn't let me for some reason) I will import the script you have though thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Omega is a currency/over infinity number atm for some upgrades but in the future I'll figure out the prestige shop and make omega actually do something.

Going to start development on making the upgrade tiers (making the prestige points nerfed to the extreme as well as the first upgrade)

Have you thought about using the big numbers library?

No why? does it shorten numbers or something?

Edit: I'm a noob when it comes to the "new blocks" (I'm from scratch)

lets you make large numbers/bigger than 10^309

Ah ok I just loaded the library and I'm working on figuring out what to do to fix the number display (it breaks when using the library aka turning on the big nums and it says "Can't display an object" or something along those lines)

untitled script pic (30)

Ah ok

Edit: I have turned on the big nums varible but It seems nothing happens how do I make it so the numbers are over 10^309?

Screenshot 2023-11-11 3.54.20 PM
Is there more I have to do other than this? (again a noob with this stuff)

You have to do a computation whose result is that big! For example, there's a factorial block in the library to test it:

Does it at least say e+310 or something rather than that freakishly long number?

Ok so when I use that block it goes to 1 fps how do I use these blocks in the script without making it lag? (I stooopid lol)

Oh. We aren't understanding each other. The whole point of the bignums library is that you get exact integer results, no matter how many digits, to computations on integers, along with exact rational and complex numbers:
untitled script pic (8)     untitled script pic (9)

If that isn't what you want, just turn bignums off
untitled script pic (10)     untitled script pic (11)
or just don't load the library in the first place.

Note, though, that numbers in scientific notation can't get bigger than a certain size:
untitled script pic (12)

Anyway, the misunderstanding in the other direction is that we all thought exact integer values were what you wanted. Could you explain again what you do want?

I wanted numbers higher than 10^309 for making my idle game's number VERY LARGE like into the 10^10m

Ah, I see. It's bignums or nothing; floating point hardware has a limited range. But you can display bignums yourself in whatever notation you want: