"expected a number, getting a list" error and I cannot figure out why

cipheror script pic

this right now is the bane of my existance. the most inner loop is giving the error and i have checked every reporter and tried running bits of the loop separately. the reporters all return numbers; everything works fine by itself. but i put it together and it starts whining.

btw yes i know this code probably has multiple brain rotting anomalies in it, i never expect to publish anything so i dont think to make the code 100% readable so please forgive the insanity

I probably can't solve this, but I'm interested in what this script does. Also, welcome to the forum!

ty! :slight_smile:
so this is supposed to go through whatever you put in for the "ask (text) and wait" prompt, get the unicode of that letter, then go through the numbers of that and get the unicode of those. and then it will add all those separately to the ciphertext list.

:no_mouth: Okay, I don't think you realize how bad a coder I am. What is the unicode suppose to do? What I mean is not what thescript itself does, but what is it suppose to produce, like a list of numbers based on your answer?

quoting from wikipedia

Unicode , formally The Unicode Standard,) is an information technology standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. The standard, which is maintained by the Unicode Consortium, defines as of the current version (15.0) 149,186 characters covering 161 modern and historic scripts as well as symbols, thousands of emojis (including in colors), and non-visual control and formatting codes.

tl;dr unicode makes it so emojis and symbols stay the same no matter where they are instead of getting a blank character or whatever; everyone sees the same thing. they are represented by numbers and my code gets the unicode number of each letter, breaks that into each letter, and gets the unicode number OF the number. if that makes sense

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: Yeah, I'll just let someone else solve this.

thats okay because i just accidentally found where my problem was and i am dumbfounded.
this gave a list and i have absolutely no idea why
Screenshot 2023-06-23 9.45.05 AM
this is so odd but kinda interesting

okay i dug a little more and now i think i know whats going on.
if you ask for the unicode of MULTIPLE CHARACTERS, it gives a list of the unicode for each one which is actually really useful!!

finally made the thing work. 2-layer unicode cipher

nice cipher :slight_smile:

If you want to make it not a list you can do
(Join input list: (Unicode of (Unicode of [this will work!]::operators) as a letter::operators)::operators)
You get this by having the block you want over the arrows for vardradic inputs, and the release when it turns red (idk if you know this already)
Or you could use map

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