Error: Expecting list but getting text

I’m working on a guess my word game
And I can’t add items to a list when asking to user.
It just shows expecting list but getting text
The list is not working well.
Can someone help me please!!

You need to set the variable to a list before you add to it.

it would help if we knew the code of the custom blocks you used, or even better, share the project with us.

btw, you can just right-click a script and select script pic to download a picture of a script

this is the link to my project.


wait, is this for school?

also, this should go in #help instead of #show-projects

Yes this is for school is due by Tuesday.
But can you still help me in that error?

Is Guessed Letter the last letter you typed or is it the list of previous guesses?

is a list of my previous guesses but it doesn't create a list. Because I'm required to put in a list my guesses and instead of a list it creates a text box.

You are using the variable Guessed Letter for two different purposes and that is what is giving you the error as its not a list when your checking it.

how should I correct that? Please I need help

If you have a need for a variable to do one thing and another need for a variable to do another thing - how many different variables do you think you need? 1, 2 or 3?

I am trying to guide you to solving your issue yourself without directly telling you what to do

Check if letter is correct throws the error, but what happens to the variable before it is checked (I figured it out, but I want to know if you can)?