Eh? this.expression.copyWithinputs is not a function


Why would this work?

It used to work, and return some useless string about a reporterRingMorph. Excluded states should actually create errors though. Silently doing nothing isn't usually good.


Huh, I get a longer error

Huh, weird

huh, I tested it out on my computer (I was on mobile before) and I got the same error message as you.

wait there is mobile snap?

uh... snap runs on the web so of course you can use it on mobile.

Ok, there is no check for empty rings in JOIN, but what you are trying to achieve???
For use with "split by blocks" it works as expected.
untitled script pic - 2022-04-20T001236.718
untitled script pic - 2022-04-20T001029.913

the problem is, you're not putting in the same data in both examples. As you can see, split by blocks puts it in a list
untitled script pic

Your second example is not in a list (it's putting the ring in as a list). In order to make an accurate test is by sticking the ring in a list. You can see this doesn't make sense
untitled script pic (52)

It's the same (visible) data, yet it produces different results.

and no, you can't say that this has to do with not putting it into context, it's already in context.