Easier ALL OF and ANY OF blocks

You can make the ALL OF and ANY OF blocks without recursion:
("Preds" input is changed to t/f rather than unevaluated)

I don't think I have seen these blocks before. Also they seem to be the equivalent of the and and or blocks, but with multiple inputs.

in the varadic reporters library


Even easier
untitled script pic (13)

Actually, the inputs are unevaluated boolean inputs, so a single primitive will not work. You could instead use an iterative solution by looping though the elements of the list, but that is worse than the recursive definition.

I said in the post,

If you do that, then it evaluates all of the inputs. If the first input is true, then one of the elements is true, so it shouldn't need to evaluate the other inputs.

report not (map call preds)contains false

That still evaluates all of them. It should only call enough to find out if any are true. You could try using find first element, and checking if it is -1.