Duplicate variable monitor on the Stage

After converting project https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/119372260 to Snap by using snapinator, if you click the "eyes" button and then drag the "page (eyes)" variable monitor a second "page (eyes)" variable monitor shows up on the Stage

  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome

My guess is that there were two of them in the original project, at exactly the same place on the stage, and that dragging one exposes the other. Is the second one in the original place of the first one? (I'm too lazy to try it myself.)

Sorry, I'm not clear what you mean. What is weird is that the two monitors have (at least apparently) exactly the same name.

Oh right, sorry, I was thinking (wrongly) that you can ask for multiple watchers of one variable, because I was misremembering the fact that you can have multiple watchers for the same list if it's the value of more than one variable. Never mind me.