Drawing on Top of Sprites

set pen layer to [front v]::pen
I wrote a program to support the suggestion of setting the pen layer to either the front or the back.
I seen the workarounds to reproduce the back layer, stamp all sprites, the draw the top layer and do this in each frame, and I've see posts about using pen trails and costumes. But it would be so helpful to just be able to send the pen layer to the front or the back.

You may have to click the green flag to get this to correctly start.

My custom blocks are just front ends to the SciSnap blocks and they run very poorly and very slowly.

I used some of the tree drawing logic from this project. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks "Tree" by manuelv24

The tadpole script is a modified version of this Scratch project, Tadpole (pen) /おたまじゃくし by Ceratophrys https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/779412450/

Project link please?