Dragging blocks out of result bubbles…

...was just implemented ~17 minutes ago. It doesn't seem to be in the regular dev page, which says "Snap! 7.0.6 - Build Your Own Blocks", but it's available here.

I hope Jens adds it to reported list and table watchers too.

He also made a commit to support dragging them out of speech bubbles.

Variable watchers now.

This will help tremendously with a project of mine! I can't wait for it to release.

For the development of your project? Or for the use of it?

It's on https://snap.berkeley.edu/versions/dev/snap.html now.

Oh and if you look at the modules, (Snap! logo, about, modules) Morphic and Blocks show 2022-January-22, despite it not being the 22nd yet. The reason is that in Germany, it's the 22nd, and I'm pretty sure Jens is in Germany.

The development


He is indeed.

What is the use case for this facility?

You wrote a program that reports a script, and now you want to run the script!

Also, when we eventually get around to being able to drag things into help screens, then it'll be super useful. :~)

In a project I'm working on, there's a list full of commands, and now I can just drag them out and edit them easily.

Right now, you can't drag them out of list watchers.

His GitHub profile says he's in Gäufelden, Germany, but I'm not sure if he is this moment.

Oh really now?
(Taken in Snap! 7.0.7 dev)

I meant reported list watchers. I would make a gif if I knew how, and I knew how to crop the video.

Edit: You can't drag the block out of this:
untitled script pic (66)
More realistically, you can't drag it out of this:

Oh. Well, my list is a global variable...

Also, if you have a variable set to this:
untitled script pic (68)
and you show the variable watcher for it, it's a table watcher, and you can't drag either block from it.

But you can right click the table, and then click list view, you can drag out blocks.

Looking forward to it.