Do you use lively coding?

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Jens has repeatedly explained that the reason for using Morphic, our own widget manager, is that it supports lively code (the ability to modify a script while it's running and see the result immediately) much better than DOM elements would. I think it would be an interesting research project to find out how much our users actually do that.[/quote]
Do you use lively coding often while creating projects?

Sorry, this doesn't really fit in this category, there just isn't a very good category to put it in.

What is “live coding?”

I defined it in the quoted text, but actually it's more than the ability to modify running code; it's generally that everything you see is alive, e.g., you can click on a block in the palette to run it, not only blocks in the scripting area. You can click on a sprite to generate an event. You can right-click almost anything to examine or modify it in various ways.

I hit the create topic button too early and @earthrulerr replied before I finished editing the post.

Also, I didn't know that. I thought it was just editing running scripts.

I was just in editor a minute ago about the topic I’m creating after this post, and I used lively coding to test my project and fix some small bugs. So yes I do use this, and pretty often too.

Almost all the time

I don't ever use it, unless I'm debugging.

I use it sometimes, but not a whole lot.