DISTANCE to block

When one selects distance to CENTER, it delivers a result to a destination expressed as a point.

  • Is there a way to achieve the same simple implementation using user specific points in the stage area?
  • I calculate x,y coordinate pairs as target positions, and need to find the distance to them. Can I do that using the distance block? I really do not want to code a custom block with x and y delta's using distance formulas.
  • in other words, is it possible to pass an [x,y] list to the distance block and get a result.
  • my last resort was going to be to create a temporary invisible clone object at the location, test the distance and then delete it! But is seems excessive if there were a simpler way.

Please ignore!
Just tested and it works with a list of x, y and it delivers the distance.
SNAP! is great.

I'm pretty sure you're able to delete the post.

Did not want to delete it, just in case someone else needed the discovered answer.

Ah, I see. Alright then!

Hi Turgut, I'm glad you've found out about being able to use 2-item lists as generic point objects in Snap! This not only works for the distance/angle to reporter, but also in other places, namely point towards, 'go to' in motion, and the hue/sprites at reporter in the sensing category.