Disable requirements of report block in custom reporters

To make an old project work in 6.1.2, I would like to disable the "new" requirement that a reporter must report a value. I guess this could be done hacking this function

Process.prototype.evaluateContext = function () {
    var exp = this.context.expression;
    this.frameCount += 1;
    if (this.context.tag === 'exit') {
    if (exp instanceof Array) {
        return this.evaluateSequence(exp);
    if (exp instanceof MultiArgMorph) {
        return this.evaluateMultiSlot(exp, exp.inputs().length);
    if (exp instanceof ArgLabelMorph) {
        return this.evaluateArgLabel(exp);
    if (exp instanceof ArgMorph || exp.bindingID) {
        return this.evaluateInput(exp);
    if (exp instanceof BlockMorph) {
        return this.evaluateBlock(exp, exp.inputs().length);
    if (isString(exp)) {
        return this[exp].apply(this, this.context.inputs);
    if (exp instanceof Variable) { // special case for empty reporter rings
    this.popContext(); // default: just ignore it

so to avoid that expectReport() is called. I tried just commenting it out and embedding it in a new custom block in a javascript reporter, but it doesn't fully work as expected (the reporter hungs, then, if I click it again, I get a -partial- result). Can someone suggest me how this can be disabled? Thanks in advance.

The reason, as I said, is that I want to make quickly work an old Snap4 project in Snap6 without changing the about 100 custom reporters I have in the project.

In Snap4 you could have a reporter that didn't report anything.

I think it might be worth looking to see if a search/replace on the project .xml would sort this out for you

Oh, I overlooked that.

It seems that custom block reporter inserts a "poisoned pill" at the end of the stack ("exit" tag). So it's required to break execution early with the "report" block. You may try "this.doStopCustomBlock()" instead of "expectReport()"

I'm curious to know why you wanted a non-reporting reporter in the first place!

As the tool assembles natural language sentences, I wanted an horizontal layout (without rings). But I didn’t need any value to be reported

I’ll try that

Huh. I would never have thought of that.

It partially works. Several scripts run all embedded reporters, whereas other scripts just run the deepest reporter. I guess I have to update all my 100 custom reporters