Did "_ of _" sensor go back to its original form?

I may be -very- late, but I noticed that the "_ of _" sensor doesn't list anymore in the first menu the variables and functions of other sprites. Has this feature (that is the possibility to access variables and functions of other sprites) been moved to the new tell and ask blocks?

Works for me. You have to select the sprite in the right pulldown before its local variables and blocks show up in the left one.

Thanks Brian, I realized now that I had forgot to make the variabile local.

So, are tell and ask just shortcuts for this same feature? Or they allow to do more?

Umm this is a sensitive question. I'd like ASK and TELL to do everything OF can do, but no. You can refer to another sprite's local whatever only if you have one yourself with the same name.

Run commands in other sprites

script vars(a)//delete this
(ask [bujh v] for ((a)::grey ring))

Yeah that works for variables. Not for local blocks though.

yep because u need to delete instances before deleting defs.

Yes, I meant in association with RUN and CALL


This with ASK/TELL, right?

Yes, ASK and TELL.

This is a bit cryptic to clearly understand what is ment.

Even though it not possible to refer to things not in the sprite itself:
it is possible to construct an OF / tell / ask in the correct context of the actual sprite; and then transport it to the desired sprite coding context and it will work magically.

This is obviously a lot of extra effort, but what else do we have to do...

I hope I did not confuse the issue. I encounter this a lot and found this work around.

To me using the "_ OF _" blocks is perfectly fine, and consistent. I do agree that this is a feature that is very well hidden to new Snap users.